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Welcome to Flagel Pediatric & Family Medicine 

We moved directly across from our previous location to 2572 Commerce Parkway.

Welcome to the medical staff Keith Rubin, D.O.!

Thank you for choosing Flagel Pediatric & Family Medicine to serve your healthcare needs. We are honored that you have selected us to care for you and we pledge to do everything in our power to provide you with the best health care available.   

babiesOur web site is designed to answer questions you may have about our physicians, insurance, prescription policy, office hours, and other aspects of our relationship. Through the course of our working together, you may have other questions or circumstances which may arise that need clarification.

We want you to feel comfortable speaking with us, at any time, about your care, our policies, procedures, insurance coverage, etc. Only through partnership and communication can we ensure that you receive the care you deserve.


Flagel Pediatric & Family Medicine annouce their affiliation with
Sarasota Memorial Healthcare System!

Now Accepting SMH
Employee Insurance!



 Sarasota Memorial Healthcare 



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New Affiliation with Sarasota Memorial Healthcare System

Now Accepting Insurance for all SMH Employees.

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